Irradiance Measurement Products

MPISTM - The Multi-Planar Irradiance Measurement System 

A unique, patented, irradiance measurement system providing direct, real-time measurement of "Plane of Array" irradiance at all possible angles available to single axis tracking Photovoltaic module arrays.  This measurement system is currently deployed under contract with Sandia National Laboratory as it is refined and further developed.  It's current status is as a research tool and is available on a, custom-build basis only.

FRIMS - Field Reference Irradiance Measurement System (Discontinued. Limited stock of out-of-service systems may still available for sale))

Portable reference solar irradiance system for field validation and calibration of solar measurement systems, developed for the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory and produced for The Saudi Arabian national solar measurement network.

RSR3 - Rotating Shadow Band Radiometer System (Commercially available)

Complete solar measurement systems for reliable, accurate and low cost measurement of direct beam, and total horizontal broadband solar irradiance. contact Irradiance, Inc.

DQMS - Data Quality Management Software (Discontinued, no longer supported)

Data collection and quality assessment in solar measurement networks, originally developed for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Solar Radiation Research Laboratory